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Security Controls Hardware And Software Theft And Vandalism

Preventive Security Controls – Hardware/Software Theft and Vandalism Hardware Theft is the act of staling computer equipment. Hardware Vandalism is the act of defacing or destroying computer equipment. The pharmacy could employ an alarm system or small locking devices for the prevention of hardware theft. They could also employ a Real-Time Location System (RTLS), which tracks and identifies the location of high-risk or high-value items. The pharmacy could also incorporate a property management system by which all equipment purchased and operated in the pharmacy can be documented and easily located or reported stolen during periodic inspections. The equipment could also be tagged with Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID). Pharmacy equipment can be tracked from the date of receipt unto the end of its life cycle. Software theft is classified as when someone either steals software media, intentionally erases programs, illegally copies a program, or illegally resister and /or activates a program. Software Piracy is by far the most common type of s oftware theft. Original copies of software should be kept in a secure location (Santos, 2013, p. 1). Preventive Security Controls – Unstable Power Supply The pharmacy should install an alternative generator and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to protect its electronic equipment, or purchase an alternative power distribution system to provide UPS throughout for the entire building. UPS will allow whatever is pluggedShow MoreRelatedFDEME3L memo 2015928 Words   |  4 Pagesof concepts Concept Computer security risk Any event or action that has the potential of causing a loss of computer equipmentï‚Å', softwareï‚Å', data and informationï‚Å', or processing capabilityï‚Å'. One of the following examples Computer viruses, unauthorized access and use, information theft, hardware and software theft, vandalism, system failure, etc. ï‚Å' Computer literacy Having current knowledgeï‚Å' and understandingï‚Å' of computersï‚Å' and their uses ï‚Å' ï‚ § The hardware and software of computers ï‚ § General uses ofRead MoreRisk Management Plan For A Risk Assessment879 Words   |  4 Pagesis not created and implemented, there is greater chance of failure. The purpose of this risk assessment plan is to update the existing out-of-date risk management plan. The scope of the plan will include: †¢ List of threats and vulnerabilities †¢ Security †¢ Responsibilities assigned †¢ Recommendations for mitigation †¢ Cost-benefit analysis †¢ Documentation †¢ Milestones The approach to a risk assessment could be done a couple different ways. One of the ways it could be done is by using a what-if analysisRead MorePark Community Library : Security Plan1429 Words   |  6 PagesLibrary – Security Plan Photo: Library Entrance Photo: Arial View,  © Google 2014 The Severna Park Community Library is located at 45 West McKinsey Road, Severna Park, Maryland. Built in 1972 (AACPL Facilities Master Plan, 2011). The Library is the fourth largest of Anne Arundel County’s regional libraries with over 24,474 cardholders (Roche, 2014). The following â€Å"Security Plan† is based on information gathered during my security survey conductedRead MoreCyber Case Study912 Words   |  4 Pagessame time, greater connectivity provides more potential attack vectors. Below are some of the cyber threats that educational institutions come across. IT security threats can be classified into mainly 4 categories: Internal External Physical Social engineering and software driven Internal security threats Employees - In the 2016 Cyber Security Intelligence Index, IBM found that 60% of all attacks were carried out by insiders. Employees can be a threat in various different forms such as getting manipulatedRead MoreKey Issues And Applications Of Databases Within Organisations1279 Words   |  6 Pages TASK 1 – Analysis of key issues and applications of databases within organisations a) Analyse the following key issues of databases within organisational environments: †¢ Integrity †¢ Security †¢ Legislation †¢ Recovery †¢ Industry standards (e.g. Microsoft SQL, Oracle, Sybase, MySQL) There are several issues and applications of databases within organisations. It is important to know these in order to design a good database. Integrity Data integrity can be defined as â€Å"The accuracy and consistencyRead MoreP3 Describe the main physical and technological resources required in the operation of your selected organisation1129 Words   |  5 Pagesresources that are available to business organisations in the form of buildings and other machineries needed for the day to day running of the organisation. A few examples would be: Buildings and Facilities: All businesses need buildings which they control from, this can range from someone’s front room, or tower blocks all over the world, buildings play an important role in the image of a business and can influence different types of customers, many financial institutions such as banks like Lloyds TSBRead MoreRisk Mitigation Plan Based On Inputs Provided833 Words   |  4 Pagescrucial if a plan is to succeed as the least trained individual is the company’s worst enemy. Training provides up-to-date information on new security measures as well as ‘what-to-do’ lists that all employees can follow in the instance of any issues. Policies and procedures within a risk mitigation plan are set in place to achieve the most current security methods that any company must follow in any market of today’s society. These are created not only to help a company remain secure within theRead MorePhysical Security2128 Words   |  9 PagesPhysical Security Table of Contents INTRODUCTION III ELEMENTS AND DESIGN III EXAMPLES OF PHYSICAL SECURITY III PHYSICAL SECURITY ELECTRONIC ACCESS III CASINOS AND GAMING III EDUCATION III TRANSPORTATION III Goggle Search iii Dictionary Search iii Introduction This paper examines Physical Security from the perspective of perimeter such as gates/guards, building access controls, room access controls, enforcement options, auditing approaches, risk determination for physicalRead MoreEnterprise Security Plan Cmgt/4302078 Words   |  9 PagesEnterprise Security Plan CMGT/430 Enterprise Security Plan This Enterprise Security Plan (ESP) for Riordan Manufacturing employees the levels of security required to protect the network and resources utilized to communicate. It is intended purpose is to formulate a means to counterattack against security risk from potential threat. The ESP servers as a way to identify risks and to ensure a contingency plan is in place to protect the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of the RiordanRead MoreWhat Is Physical Security?1642 Words   |  7 Pagesquestion, â€Å"What is security?† the response of the majority of the population would likely be: alarm systems, guards in uniform, locks, and barred doors windows. While this is always a great place to start, these are not the only measures that need to be considered when making an effort to secure an information system. Because physical security is a pivotal component of all security plans and is key to all security efforts, it makes the initiation of access control, software secu rity, information technology

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Should Sex Education Be Taught - 1124 Words

Sex is always a touchy subject, adolescents feel embarrassed discussing it with their parents or teacher and adults feel awkward answering questions. When people discuss being pregnant or breastfeed it’s often referred to as a natural thing, but when discussing sex it is a natural thing that a lot of adults feel uncomfortable confronting. There can be number of problems that can occur in the area of adolescent sexuality, but it is important to keep in mind majority of adolescents have healthy sexual attitudes and engage in sexual behaviors that will not compromise their journey to adulthood (Adolescence pg. 193). Are the â€Å"suttle† and â€Å"private† talks about sex harming adolescents versus helping them? Is the sex education that is being taught being embedded in adolescent’s heads? Many people have a different opinion on wither sex education should be taught in school and how it should be taught. When looking at the statistics, sex education can play an important role in adolescents now days. In 2011 54% of twelfth graders have had sexual intercourse and 38% were currently sexually active (Adolescence pg. 197). Many adolescents that are sexually active do not use contraceptives. 34% of the sexually active adolescents did not use contraceptives the last time they had intercourse (Adolescence pg. 206). I am all for teaching adolescents about abstinence but truth of the matter sex is becoming more and more popular in adolescent lives. The way sex education is being presentedShow MoreRelatedShould Sex Education Be Taught?1553 Words   |  7 Pageschildren get the proper education they need so they are aware and are able to protect themselves. The way sex education should be taught is debated among parents, educators, religious groups, and society. Some people believe in abstinence only curriculum while others believe a comprehensive curriculum is more effective. Values, beliefs, and funds can affect how students are being taught. It is important that we pick a curriculum that works best for the students. Sex education can vary in what theyRead MoreShould Sex Education Be Taught?862 Words   |  4 Pageswrite about is Sex Education in the classroom. Almost all student in the USA receive some type of sex education between the grades 7th and 12th. Sometime even as early as 4th grade. Many states now have laws that do not allow the parents to opt out of the class, regardless of how they feel about their child being taught, these things (Contemporary Education Issues | K12 Academics, 2015). While some states leave it up to the individual district to set the rules for sex education in the districtRead MoreShould Sex Education Be Taught? Essay1360 Words   |  6 Pagesaddressing sex education in my classroom. The state-mandated teaching standards promoting a biased, abstinence-only program, however, do little to communicate reliable and inclusive information about sexuality. Texas provisions and education codes relating to sex education should sustain amendments that fully address the sexual health needs of every student, regardless of their gender identity, sexual orientation or sexual expression. Sex Education in Texas The topic of sex education in the UnitedRead MoreShould Sex Education Be Taught?2918 Words   |  12 PagesCarley Siegel Position Paper Midterm 10/15/14 Sex Education in Schools Minnesota is ranked number six out of all states in teen birth rate. Minnesota is ranked number three in teen pregnancy rate. The average ages for all of these results are girls aged from fifteen to nineteen. With the most recent statics, in 2012 there were 3,295 teenage girls to give birth to a child and in 2010 there was 146 million spent on teenage childbearing. The last statistic I found was there were are 18.5 births perRead MoreShould Sex Education Be Taught?1226 Words   |  5 PagesShould sex education be taught to young adults in school? This has been a major controversial topic for many years amongst parents, teachers, and other community members. Their biggest concern is that it teaches students that it is okay to have sex at a young age and think that the program shows them how sexual intercourse is done. Although, this is not the intent of the class, like some may think. They tend to believe that abstinence-only programs should be taught in schools. Allowing sexual edu cationRead MoreShould Sex Education Be Taught?947 Words   |  4 Pagessociety is whether or not kids should receive sex education in public schools. With rates of teen pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases on the rise, it is essential that school aged adolescents receive appropriate sex education courses. Though many parents across the nation believe that it is crucial to curriculum, how much they should be taught and what exactly should be taught is up for dispute. Articles such as â€Å"Abstinence and Abstinence-only Education: A Review of U.S. policiesRead MoreChildren Should Be Not Taught Sex Education974 Words   |  4 Pageschildren should be not taught Sex Education. It’s a vital part of human existence and can prevent a lot of harm. However, the real question is not doing it but from whom is the adolescent hearing it from. It’s been common in the United States since the 1980’s for almost every school to offer some form of Sex edu cation. Even as early as Elementary years. The real debate on the issue is whether or not the school system is doing it properly or even whether or not it’s their job at all. Sex educationRead MoreShould Sex Education Be Taught?1269 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"Teaching only about abstinence is like teaching ‘a driver s education course in which teachers show students grisly photos of traffic accidents but never tell them to stop at red lights or buckle their seat belts’ (Wagle). Sex education is often a hot topic of debate within the States, where high school teens often receive some form of sexual education. However, the quality of this information varies from state to state and even district to district. Although there are many different definitionsRead MoreSex Education Should Be Taught in School2204 Words   |  9 PagesSEX EDUCATION â€Å"If the Liberals law is passed, will sex education in the schools, including elementary grades, include the same portrayals of sexual activity which presently exist in heterosexual instruction? Will there be the same presentation of homosexual activity? Of course there will.†Ã‚   Stockwell Day Sex education, also known as sexuality education or sex and relationshipsRead MoreWhy Sex Education Should Be Taught Essay1247 Words   |  5 Pagesintercourse, 29 percent during anal intercourse and only 4 percent during oral sex.† Why is it that students aren’t protecting themselves against these issues? B. I am a credible source about this information because I am a college student who knows other students sex lives, not just in college but in high school too. II. Body A. Why sex education should be taught in school 1. Sex education should be taught in school for students to learn how to protect themselves against STDs and unwanted

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Demographic Information Of Client Jennifer - 1450 Words

Demographic Information of Client Jennifer is a 34-year-old Caucasian female. She currently lives in Terre Haute, Indiana with her Hispanic boyfriend. Currently unemployed, Jennifer is considered to be in the lower middle class and does not receive food stamps or TANF services. She was born in Paris, Illinois in August of 1981. Her parents still live in the house she grew up in and her younger brother frequently visits both his parents and Jennifer’s home. The client’s approximate weight is 220 pounds and her approximate height is five feet, six inches. Jennifer reported earning her GED degree and has no plans to earn a higher education degree. The client reports that she is a â€Å"Christian woman† and practices as a â€Å"Catholic†. The client reaffirmed her religious ways stating â€Å"I believe in God, Heaven and Hell.† When asked about her sexual orientation, the client described herself as a heterosexual woman and stated â€Å"I prefer Hispan ic men†. The client appeared to not have any problems with her primary language, English, and she can also speak Spanish fluently. Jennifer reported that she had â€Å"a clear idea of my culture† and, along with her partner, could practice Catholic and Hispanic rituals consistent with their cultural affiliations. The client showed no evidence of problems of cultural stress living in Terre Haute, Indiana besides a client perceived idea of â€Å"racism†. Presenting Concern Jennifer was self-referred to Hamilton Center and suffers from Borderline PersonalityShow MoreRelatedMental Illness And Its Effects On Society985 Words   |  4 Pages Comprehensive Case Study Vanessa Brown University of South Carolina SOWK 760 Professor Jennifer Butler 11/20/16 Introduction In the United States, there are many people who suffer from a mental illness. Mental illness is described as causing disruptions in one’s emotional state, thought processes, and behaviors. When analyzing this this concept, one can see that mental illness is a blanket term that encompasses a wide array of mental disorders that range from mild or to severe. No oneRead MoreAdvertising1630 Words   |  7 PagesResearch Portfolio Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion | | | | | Contents 1. Introduction 5 2. Client Background 6 2.2 Product Offering 6 2.3 Direct and Indirect Competition 6 2.4 Positioning Against Competition 7 2.5 Unique Selling Proposition 7 2.6 Target Audience 7 Conclusion 9 References 10 Appendix 12 1. Introduction The purpose of this report is to identify the direct and indirect competition of Aveeno’s Daily Moisturising Lotion, the positioningRead MoreMy Senior Year Field Placement1405 Words   |  6 Pagesthe outpatient program I am working with the Director of Clinical Operations, Ellen Chung. I also work with Jennifer Torrey who is the Clinical Coordinator for Elwyn’s Media location’s Outpatient program. I also work one on one with the Outpatient Case Manager, Shaneen Brown. I am also working in the Therapeutic After School Program (TASP). At the TASP I work with the Case Manager Jennifer Ziegler and the Clinical Case Manager Denise Georganas. The outpatient therapy team at Elwyn is a multidisciplinaryRead MoreThe Impact of Workforce Diversity Essay663 Words   |  3 Pagesand plentiful. Culturally, people vary in gender, age, ethnicity, race sexual orientation, educational background, religion, lifestyle, as well as veteran and/or immigrant status. Functionally, p eople vary in the ways we think, learn, process information, respond to authority, show respect and reach agreements (Pollar Gonzalez, 2011.) Obviously, people differ in numerous ways, so what does that mean for businesses? Well, when work groups are comprised of people with different backgroundsRead MoreThe Rainbow Community Center Of Contra Costa County1861 Words   |  8 PagesCosta County (RCC), as well as the current measures it uses for evaluating the services they provide. The program will be described with an emphasis on the counseling and case management programs, which currently do not have a method of gaining the clients’ perspective of how well a counseling or case management session went. A needs assessment for the Counseling and Case Management Programs will be provided along with suggested improvements and an improved evaluation tool suggestion. Description ofRead MoreEssay on Concept Development and The Apple iPhone2241 Words   |  9 Pagesthe best way to market a product, in this case the iPhone, one needs to know the needs of the different customers that you are targeting. These have to be the primary as well as the secondary needs so that one can rely on them to convince potential clients that their products are the best choice there is in the market. The iPhone has to have more innovative features than the common phone known like ability to call and send and receive text messages. To this end, it has 3G ability making it a fast internetRead MoreSteps to improve marketing intelligence in companies1767 Words   |  8 Pageseveryday information about developments in the marketing environment. A marketing intelligence system also facilitates accurate and confident decision making in determining market opportunity, market penetration strategy and market development metrics. Hans Heldin (2010) noted that data must be integrated into the market intelligence systems through proper intelligence for corporate decision-making. In an article by Thomas Winninger (2006) he stated that the key is to gather quality information, theRead MoreA Brief Note On M Northwest Assistance Ministries, A Non Profit, Community Based, Integrated Program Social Service Agency1719 Words   |  7 PagesTrustee along with the Executive Team; Chair: Danny J. Rea ; Vice Chair: Michael D. Watford; Treasurer: William â€Å"Bill† Sessions, Jr.; Secretary: Jim Fryfogle; Regina Boutte, Scott Chenoweth, Bill Ginder, Carole Little, Sue Ortenstone, Judy Rimato, Jennifer Stewart, C.C. Sutphen, Lauren Temple, Mark H. Young. Non-Voting Members are as followed: Clare T. Lee, Denese Hammon Chief Financial Officer, Northwest Assistance Ministries; President CEO of NAM Carole Little; Vice President of Program ServicesRead MoreA Study of the Swimwear Industry in North America5053 Words   |  21 PagesIntroduction Every organization will benefit from even the most elementary market research. The information will provide new information, and will confirm what is known. Find out what the customers want and then give it to them For most women, finding the perfect swimsuit is anything but glamorous. Selecting one for your figure-type and individual style requires personal attention. At Jenal Swimwear, this is our mission.. The population of Sydney as of June 2004 was 146,297. AccordingRead MoreThe Theory Old Age Is The Last Stage Of Human Development2290 Words   |  10 Pages familiar, and community integration of older adults, and to improve the quality of their social life and human development. Definition of Social Problem The changes that society has undergone in recent decades have had a great impact on the demographic composition of our society. Health and technological advances have increased life expectancy and people’s health. This has caused a decreased in mortality rate of the population and the number of births. Currently the majority of the world population

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Aldi Harrison Expanded Marketing Mix - Click to Get Solution

Question: Evaluate how well the marketing mix of the organization is performed for Aldi organization? Answer: Introduction The expanded marketing mix of Aldi will be studied in the present report. Aldi is an International discount supermarket chain based in Germany. The supermarket is known for offering high quality products to the customers with exceptional value. The supermarket offers range of grocery products with best quality. The grocery products are available at exceptionally low prices. In order to offer products at low prices, Aldi manufactures its own products. In order to reduce their cost of production further, Aldi encourages customers to carry their own shopping bags. It also offers shopping bags for sale. In order to reduce the cost, the shopping carts are given at rent on quarter basis (deposit is returned with the cart). It eliminates the need for making payments to the employees for recovering the carts. Aldi sells its own brand label food, beverage items and household items that are inexpensive in nature. Does The Intricacy of The Topic Intimidate You? Tame Your Fear with Unmatched Assignment Help Services from Professional Writers. Product The product offering of Aldi ranges from selling own brands which are cheaper than the labels that are highly priced. The cost and production process of the organization is controlled by Aldi. Non food items are also stocked by Aldi such as toiletries and sells musical instruments. Advantages of quality, feature and style improvement of a product The target market of Aldi is the middle class and the lower middle class. It offers products at low prices. The quality of the products offered by Aldi is average. It does not offer high quality product to the customers. The quality, feature and style of product are essential attributes of the product that sets it apart from the rest of the products. The essential attributes of the products add value to it. Continuous improvement of quality of a product is an essential part of the business management process. The style and improvement of quality of a product will reduce the defects and improve the quality of the product. The philosophy of continuous improvement of quality of quality of a product will make the business better equipped to adapt to the changes that occur in the industry. This will enable them to take advantages of the opportunities and avoid the threats (Ruddick, 2014). Improvement of quality focuses on improving the business process as a means to improve the efficiency of the organization. Aldi has been continuously improving its efficiency in terms of quality improvement of the products manufactured by it, style and feature improvement of the product. Aldi has been professional and it always inspects the products supplied to it to ensure that it meets the demand of the customers. The own branded labels of Aldi are sold at cheaper rates than the other supermarkets. This has helped Aldi to maintain its market share. Apart from selling the products at cheap rates, it is essential for Aldi to enhance the quality and features of the products offered by Aldi. This will enhance the competitive advantage of the organization (Hamel, 2015). Addition of New Products Aldi offers range of food products to the customers. The own branded labels offered by Aldi comprises of Choco rice , Rich tea biscuits , Lager Stella Artois and other wide range of food products. Aldi has been imitating the top brands and manufacturing the same products with variety and different features. The choco rice sold by Aldi is imitation of the Kellogs coco pops. There are certain modifications in the product quality. Similarly there is various range of product offering of Aldi which is an imitation of a popular brand (, 2015). It is a clever evolution by Aldi to target the affluent areas of the market. Aldi sells fewer products than most of the products sold by the supermarkets. Tesco has 40,000 products in line but Aldi stocks only 1350 products (, 2013). It has been said by retail analyst of Kantar, Edward Garner that one might find 20 pasta sauces in Tesco but Aldi will only have two or three pasta sauces (SHOOTER, 2013). The food products s old by Aldi have been very successful. In can diversify its product range and add new sections. It can venture into the clothes section. It can start the clothes section. Wools worth is a large supermarket that is making its clothing business more appealing and fashionable to the customers. At present Aldi sells clothes, electronic products and furnitures on special days like twice in a week. The special products are sold every Wednesday and Saturday (, 2015). But instead of selling the products on special days, Aldi should diversify its product offering and include the clothes section as a regular section in the supermarket (, 2015). Price Pricing the product in an accurate manner is the most difficult considerations for the marketing organizations. There are different strategies of pricing the product. The various strategies of pricing includes market penetration, competitive pricing and strategic pricing. The strategy applied by Aldi to price its products is competitive pricing. By the pricing policy Aldi is able to offer the products at low prices (Harvard Business Review, 2006). The low prices are offered by Aldi as it manufactures most of the food products and buys products in huge volume (, 2015). It offers great leverage for negotiating the best possible prices for the products (, 2013). Pricing Objectives The major pricing objective used by Aldi is competitive pricing. The strategy by Aldi has been successful as it has forced the suppliers to deliver products at lowest prices. Since the company makes bulk purchases, it is easier for the organization to purchase at cheaper rates without lowering its profit margin. Since it purchases the products at lower rates, selling the products at reduced rate is not a tough job for the organization. The pricing policy of Aldi is made to capture the larger share of the market. The competitive pricing policy by Aldi has made it one of the largest supermarkets in Australia. One in every three household in Australia visit Aldi to purchase the food products (Harrison, 2014). Policies of pricing The pricing policy of Aldi is simple and transparent. The low prices are offered by Alsi by undertaking some unique policies. Unit pricing policy has been used by Aldi to price its products. Comparison of the prices of the products with other supermarkets can be done accurately using unit pricing policy (, 2015). It provides extra information to the customers. The unique pricing policy by Aldi has maintained the transparency of pricing the products. The customers will get the real value of shopping from Aldi. The refund policy used by Aldi is done understanding the need of the customers. The refund is done on an everyday basis if the customers are not satisfied with the products (, 2015). Strategies of Pricing The pricing strategy of Aldi is targeted to capture the larger share of the market. It uses the competitive policy of pricing to address a larger mass of customers. The various strategies of pricing are 1. Market Penetration The pricing strategy is used by organization by charging lower prices for the new products so that the new organization can enter into the market and have a greater share of the market. This helps the organization capture the market fast. The company can gain over the market share quickly. 2. Competitive pricing - The competitive pricing policy is used to drive the existing customers of a particular company towards it. The competitive pricing is done by offering lower prices for a range of products to the customers. 3. Strategic pricing - The strategic pricing policy emphasizes on enhancing the quality of brand positioning of the product in order to allow a higher price for the product. The organization focuses on enhancing the quality of the product rather than reducing the price of the product. Amongst the three strategies, the strategy applied by Aldi to sell the products to the customers is competitive pricing (Collinson, 2014). It will offer products of high quality or similar quality as sold by the other supermarkets at cheaper rates. Aldi can offer the products at cheaper rates since it purchases the products in huge volumes. Since Aldi buys products in large volumes, it allows great leverage for negotiating with the suppliers for the products. It sells the products to the customers at the best possible prices (This is Money, 2014). Since it purchases the product in bulk volume it can negotiate with the suppliers regarding the price of the product. This is known as economies of scale which means that huge volumes of a product is purchased at low price. The savings made by Aldi is passed on to the customers of Aldi (Butler, 2014). Procedures of pricing Aldi offers products to the customers at low prices. Since it offers less expensive items to the customers, it has to reduce its cost of production. Instead of purchasing the products from outside, Aldi manufactures most of the food products. The food products are manufactured by Aldi keeping in mind the demand for the product. It has imitated the top brand food products like Kellogs while manufacturing its own food products (Cambridge News, 2014). Among the top supermarkets in the world, the products sold by Aldi are 16% cheaper than the products sold by Asda. It is 20% cheaper than the products offered by Tesco and 40% cheaper than the products offered by Waitrose (Osborne, 2012). The customers have to carry their own shopping bags in Aldi. It reduces the extra cost of the company. It offers milk at the lowest prices. It offers lowest prices to the dairy farmer for their milk. Thus if the customers want to support the dairy farmers then they should not buy the milk from Aldi (Food Strategy Associates, 2014). The customers complain about the loyalty cards offered by the othersuper markets. They claim a reduction in the price of the product instead of the loyalty cards. Aldi has gone down in the same path. They do not offer loyalty cards to the customers.Instead they have reduced the price of their product (Osborne, 2012). Distribution Distributing the products to reach out to a wide range of audience is essential for the growth of the business organization. The strategy used by Aldi to capture a larger share of the market is by distributing the product to a wide range of customers. The target audiences of the company are the low and middle income earners. They opened their supermarket chains all over the world which includes Australia, UK , US etc. Objectives of Distribution Aldi has a well networked team of supplier who supply their products to all the supermarkets. The main distribution strategy used by Aldi is to maximize the reach out of their product to the customers. This will help them gain a larger share of the market. Strategies of Distribution Aldi has separate distribution centres in their operating countries. They have made huge investment in each of the distribution centre in order to manage their business in an efficient way (Cordo n, Hald Seifert, 2012). The distribution centers hire employees on a regular basis in order in order to distribute their products to the end users in an efficient manner. The logistic and supply chain operates at world class efficiency (, 2015). The suppliers keep the delivery roots short and they employ the best war housing techniques for supplying the products to the various stores (Kleemann, 2011). In order to distribute the product efficiently to the end users they employ candidates with market leading skills. They provide a clear delegation of responsibility to the employees (Theuvsen, 2007). The region in which Aldi operates is decentralized. Thus the operations can be controlled from a localized point. This ensures efficient management of the supply chai n (Johnsen, Howard Miemczyk, 2014). The supplier arrangements are made in the organization to minimize the consumption of energy and reduce the carbon emissions (ALDI Australia, 2012). Promotional Strategies In order to increase its profitability, Aldi has to increase the market share. The promotional activity will demonstrate the balance of the marketing mix. In order to enhance the awareness of the customers and to gain customer loyalty, it is important to increase the awareness of the product to enhance the recognition of the brand , increase the demand for the products , enhancement of the image of the brand and supplying superior products to the customers. Objectives of Promotional strategies The major objective of Aldi is to increase its market share. The promotional activity should ensure a balance of the marketing mix (, 2015). The promotional activity is planned to increase the loyalty of the customers and communicate the quality and value messages. The major objective of the promotional activities of Aldi is increasing the awareness and improvement of the brand recognition. Innovation and improvement has to take place in a parallel way in order to capture a larger share of the market. The other objectives of Aldi include increasing the demand for the products, improvement of the brand image and highlight the products that are of superior quality. The promotional activities of Aldi are above the line promotion and below the line promotion (Marketing Week, 2014). Strategies of Promotional Strategies The promotional strategies used by Aldi includes above the line promotional strategies and below the line promotional strategies. Above the line promotion Above the line promotional strategies are applied by Aldi via advertising targeting at mass audience. Advertising is done by Aldi using media such as television, radio, newspaper and magazines. This has helped them to reach to a larger audience. Television is used as an effective medium to communicate the view point of the company to the customers (, 2015). The Like Brands are promoted by Aldi using television media showing that the products are available at cheaper rates. Leaflets are distributed in the stores to reinforce the brands sold by Aldi. Aldi also uses news paper as an effective source of medium to campaign the products (Ferrell, Pride, Schembri, Lukas Niininen, 2015). Below the line promotion Below the line promotional activity is done by Aldi to increase their engagement with the customers. The methods are used to target to a specific audience. These methods are found to be more effective than above the line methods. The organization will have a greater control of their communication. The below the line promotional strategies is applied by Aldi using social media, targeted emails to the customers , endorsements and awards for third party and emphasizing on their public relations and media relationships. Two way communications is encouraged by Aldi by using Facebook and Twitter pages. The social media pages have been an effective source of communication with the customers. The direct emails have been very effective form of communication. Aldi can communicate variety of messages to the target customers (Ritson, 2015). Public relations Another below the line method used by Aldi to highlight the quality of the products to the customers is via positive third party endorsements. It has entered over 1000 of its products into awards. In 2012, Watchdog had awarded it as the best supermarket. It beat the competition from Marks and Spencers. It has also made positive endorsements for the products on Television to reaffirm the message that the products of Aldi are of highest quality. They offer good quality product at cheaper rates (, 2014). Improvement of Promotional Budget Optimizing the infrastructure of the organization can save the marketing budget of the organization to a considerable extent. This will ensure increase in the sales. The company can increase the operational efficiency and reduce their expenditure by increasing the expenses for promoting the product. The expenditure made in the various marketing resource like marketing materials, software of marketing can be reduced to increase the expenses in promoting the product. The budget for the various promotional activities can increase by 10% by reducing the other expenses. After increasing the promotional budget, the company has to evaluate the effectiveness of the increase in the budget. If the sales of the organization increases via the enhanced promotional activities then it can be assured that the promotional activities of the organization has been effective (Johnston, 2015). Use of expanded marketing mix for improving the organizational performance Apart from the 4Ps of marketing, the expanded marketing mix is essential for increasing the value of the product to the customers. Since the marketing strategies are far more customer oriented, it is essential to incorporate the additional 3 Ps of marketing to enhance the service of the product to the customers (Groucutt, 2005). 1. Physical layout In case of large supermarket like Aldi , the physical layout and infrastructure of the organization to receive good feedback from the customers. The customers today purchase products from the retail units and they expect high level of presentation in the modern shops. This enhances the shopping experience of the shopper and at the same time it increases the standard of presentation of the organization (Richter, 2002). 2. People An essential attribute of retail marketing is enhancing the customer service. It is an essential feature to attract more customers to the organization. The employees providing service to the customers has to understand the need of the customers and serve them in a better way. This will generate positive word of mouth for the investors and more customers will visit the supermarket (Cateora, 1983). 3. Process - Process is an important attribute of extended marketing mix. The various process in the organization will help the organization to handle the queries of the customers effectively. The return policy, customer complaints and the process for handling the orders can be done effectively. This will increase the efficiency of the organization. The top priority of the organization will be to provide good quality of service (Ronkainen Czinkota, 2002). Conclusion Aldi is a large supermarket based in Germany. Aldi has been successful in its strategy of targeting a larger mass of audience. The unique and innovative strategy used by Aldi is to provide products at cheaper prices to the customers. Aldi has not compromised with the quality of the product. They have manufactured their own product to reduce the cost of production. Since they buy in bulk volumes, it has been possible for Aldi to reduce the purchase price of the product. They sell the products at discount rates which is an essential strategy used by Aldi to reach out to a wide range of customers. Apart from using the 4Ps of marketing, it should focus on applying the other 3Ps such as physical layout, process and people to increase their mass appeal. References,. (2015). Aldi defends own labels - AdNews. Retrieved 6 February 2015, from ALDI Australia. (2012) (1st ed., pp. 1-14). Retrieved from,. (2015). ALDI - TV Adverts. Retrieved 6 February 2015, from,. (2015). ALDI special buys new range every Wednesday and Saturday - ALDI Australia. Retrieved 6 February 2015, from,. (2015). Pricing - ALDI Australia. Retrieved 6 February 2015, from,. (2015). Returns Policy - ALDI Australia. Retrieved 6 February 2015, from,. (2015). ALDI US - Our Weekly Ads. Retrieved 6 February 2015, from Butler, S. (2014). How Aldis price plan shook up Tesco, Morrisons, Asda and Sainsburys. the Guardian. Retrieved 6 February 2015, from Cambridge News,. (2014). Tesco vs Aldi and Lidl: Why have almost a third of us switched supermarkets?. Retrieved 6 February 2015, from Cateora, P. (1983). International marketing. Homewood, Ill.: R.D. Irwin. Collinson, P. (2014). Which supermarket is cheapest? Its Morrisons now. the Guardian. Retrieved 6 February 2015, from Cordo n, C., Hald, K., Seifert, R. (2012). Strategic supply chain management. Abingdon, Oxon ; New York, NY: Routledge.,. (2014). ALDI Honored with Retailer of the Year and Product of the Year Wins. Retrieved 6 February 2015, from Ferrell, O., Pride, W., Schembri, S., Lukas, B., Niininen, O. (2015). Marketing Principles PDF (pp. 200-250). Food Strategy Associates,. (2014). Aldi and Lidl have created a new dimension in Private Label and Own Brand  - Food Strategy Associates. Retrieved 6 February 2015, from,. (2015). Aldi Foods | Retrieved 6 February 2015, from Groucutt, J. (2005). Foundations of marketing. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. Hamel, G. (2015). Benefits of Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI). Small Business - Retrieved 6 February 2015, from Harrison, N. (2014). Interview: Aldi bosses on how the discounter is shaking up UK grocery. Retrieved 6 February 2015, from Harvard Business Review,. (2006). Strategies to Fight Low-Cost Rivals. Retrieved 6 February 2015, from,. (2015). Aldi: A Low-Cost Retail Giant's Distinctive Business Practices. Retrieved 6 February 2015, from Johnsen, T., Howard, M., Miemczyk, J. (2014). Purchasing and supply chain management. New York: Routledge. Johnston, K. (2015). The Advantages of an Increase in Promotion Advertising. Small Business - Retrieved 6 February 2015, from Kleemann, F. (2011). Supply Chain Strategy Analysis for Aldi By (pp. 5-20). Marketing Week,. (2014). Aldi and Waitrose have strategic thinking in common. Retrieved 6 February 2015, from,. (2013). HOW TO SAVE BUDGET AND INCREASE SALES WITH MARKETING OPERATIONS. Retrieved 6 February 2015, from Osborne, H. (2012). The Aldi experience: supermarket shopping with a difference. the Guardian. Retrieved 6 February 2015, from Richter, T. (2002). Marketing mix standardisation in international marketing. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang. Ritson, M. (2015). Branding Strategy Insider | Own-Label, Anti Marketing Fuels Aldi. Retrieved 6 February 2015, from Ronkainen, I., Czinkota, M. (2002). Best practices in international marketing. Fort Worth: Harcourt College Publishers. Ruddick, G. (2014). Five numbers that show how Aldi has revolutionised grocery shopping - Telegraph. Retrieved 6 February 2015, from SHOOTER, A. (2013). The high street copycats: Yes it's cheap - but the real secret of Aldi's success is the ruthless way it apes the look of top brands... and often the quality is even better. Mail Online. Retrieved 6 February 2015, from,. (2015). Aldi Supply Chain - IGD Supply Chain Analysis. Retrieved 6 February 2015, from,. (2013). Aldi scoops Grocer of the Year Award at Grocer Golds. Retrieved 6 February 2015, from Theuvsen, L. (2007). Quality management in food chains. Wageningen, the Netherlands: Wageningen Academic Publishers. This is Money,. (2014). Is Aldi really the cheapest supermarket?. Retrieved 6 February 2015, from

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Death Penalty Essays (1023 words) - Human Rights, Penology

Death Penalty Society, in general, agrees that the taking of an innocent life is an unforgivable act, and that the rape of children is particularly heinous. I will argue that all persons convicted of the crime of murder or the rape of a child under ten years of age should be given a manditory death penalty. Capital punishment is not only justifiable but is morally correct and should be the mandatory sentence for such crimes once an individual is found guilty. It would be neither unjust nor immoral to execute such an individual. It is not logical or rational to believe that a person raised in our society does not know that the crimes of murder or the rape of a child will not be tolerated. Regardless of an individual's background or socio-economic status, individual choices lead to results that carry personal responsibility. It is inappropriate to make excuses for these criminals simply because they were not reared in well-to-do circumstances. neglected, or perhaps suffered abuse as a child. None of these forced them to make the choice to commit the crime. As stated by Ernest van den Haag, "by committing the crime, the criminal volunteered to assume the risk." (1)If an individual commits the crime of murder, or rapes a child, that person has forfeited any moral right to continue to live, even if imprisoned for life. Their victim had no choice and no chance to live a fruitful, productive life. Why should society be required to pay the costs associated with imprisonment? A society, which values the lives of its citizens, has the right to exercise capital punishment for those who have been convicted after due process of law. The U.S. Constitution provides for punishment of capital crimes so there is certainly no trouble with it in the law. However, some of the most impassioned arguments against capital punishment are the possibility of convicting the wrong person, and discriminatory application of the law. Abolitionists also argue that we should base on justice system on reform and rehabilitation. First, the possibility of convicting an innocent person is often cited as an argument that the death penalty is unjust. One Internet source indicates that 350 people were wrongly convicted of homicide or capital rape from 1900- 1985. (2) (It should be noted that the article does not specify how many of these individuals were later released.) In our text, Ernest van den Haag refers to a study conducted by Hugo Bedau that found that of 7000 executions during that same period, only 25 were purportedly innocent. (Ibid. p.286) The execution of an innocent person appears much less a risk than the risk that a person guilty of this type of violence would repeat the crime. Criminals kill people knowing that they will live and either spend the rest of their lives in prison or get out in 10 to 20 years. Consistent application of the capital punishment laws would have a deterrent effect on some potential murderers if not all. While states that do carry death penalty provisions significantly outnumber those that do not, there appears to be a certain reluctance to apply the laws. As a result, many violent criminals no longer fear the court system. Further, capital punishment laws have undergone many decades of review by the highest courts in the country and are anything but capriciously imposed. A further argument against the "innocent are convicted" is found in a review of the extensive appeal system that has been mandated by the courts that may take as much as fourteen years to complete. Even if this were a legitimate concern, the chances of an innocent person being wrongly convicted are very slim. The second argument, discriminatory application holds that a disproportional number of non-whites receive the death penalty upon conviction, in particular, a black convicted of murdering a white. This is really an argument against a flawed justice system that favors one class of citizen's over another. Unequal distribution among the guilty is irrelevant to the morality of the punishment. The system is far from perfect but can be improved. In the past, women were much less likely to be executed than men, and we are all aware that if you have enough money to hire good lawyers, you have a better chance to evade punishment. Haag (ibid.) argues that recent data indicates that the discriminatory aspect against blacks was primarily due to capital punishment for rape. Additionally, in recent years, the once prevalent trend of more non-whites than whites being executed, and more men than women, seems

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Free Essays on Queen Gertrude

In the rotten state of Denmark, there is only one notion everyone can be sure of: trust no one. There is not a single character that does not become tragically affected by the actions of another person. Everyone has their own traumatic affairs, but when looked upon as a whole, Queen Gertrude has more personal tragedies than anyone else. To begin with, her first husband was killed without her knowing what happened to him. Then she soon marries his brother whom she later finds out is the person that killed King Hamlet. Her son resents her hasty actions and lets it be known to her. Surely she is feeling distraught anyway over her husband’s death and then to have Hamlet pound in the fact that she was quick to remarry only worsens the matter. The torn feelings between her son and her new husband obviously bother her. However, she is trying to be a good wife, a good mother, and a noble queen all at the same time. She also has to deal with the deaths of Polonius and Ophelia, two people she was close to. At the end, she realizes she has been betrayed by her new husband and sees what everyone has been up to before she ultimately dies. What a terrible thought to have immediately before one takes their last breath! Almost everyone she thought she could depend on ended up hurting her in some way or another, but before her death she was able to realize that Hamlet was not crazy, his intentions were legit, and her husband was the one to blame. Yes, about the only good thing that happened to her at the end was coming to realize that her son had done what he did out of good reason.... Free Essays on Queen Gertrude Free Essays on Queen Gertrude In the rotten state of Denmark, there is only one notion everyone can be sure of: trust no one. There is not a single character that does not become tragically affected by the actions of another person. Everyone has their own traumatic affairs, but when looked upon as a whole, Queen Gertrude has more personal tragedies than anyone else. To begin with, her first husband was killed without her knowing what happened to him. Then she soon marries his brother whom she later finds out is the person that killed King Hamlet. Her son resents her hasty actions and lets it be known to her. Surely she is feeling distraught anyway over her husband’s death and then to have Hamlet pound in the fact that she was quick to remarry only worsens the matter. The torn feelings between her son and her new husband obviously bother her. However, she is trying to be a good wife, a good mother, and a noble queen all at the same time. She also has to deal with the deaths of Polonius and Ophelia, two people she was close to. At the end, she realizes she has been betrayed by her new husband and sees what everyone has been up to before she ultimately dies. What a terrible thought to have immediately before one takes their last breath! Almost everyone she thought she could depend on ended up hurting her in some way or another, but before her death she was able to realize that Hamlet was not crazy, his intentions were legit, and her husband was the one to blame. Yes, about the only good thing that happened to her at the end was coming to realize that her son had done what he did out of good reason....

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People Management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

People Management - Assignment Example These other steps are of great importance in the marketing sector, where a good relationship with the customer is the ultimate goal( Armstrong, 37) Human resource is one of the most difficult and challenging resources to manage. Humans have emotions as opposed to machines which can be programed to do various tasks. Skills on management of people who are hard to manage are therefore very necessary. Most of the time the hardest challenges have the simplest solutions. First the managers have to accept that management is cumbersome and stop fighting it. This helps in approaching delicate employees’ issues with positivity. Secondly, they should face those issues head on and solve them promptly. In order to handle the challenges effectively, they should see them both from the managerial and employee perspective. Employees can sometimes be very difficult and stressful to deal with, therefore help from others like a colleague, a mentor or one’ own manager, would be very helpful. Their response about a given employee would be very critical in decision making. Setting up of clear and measurable goals is also an important to ol when evaluating individual employee’s performance. Lastly, they should view employees from the perspective of â€Å"a liability or an asset†. If an employee is an asset, keep him/her but if a liability let go (Richardson, 36). 1. Have a one-on-one discussion with her. Make her free to present her case and listen carefully to her concerns. This will help in coming up with an amicable solution to her problems. Listening to her would save the day because there could just be a mere misunderstanding. 2. Provide her with a crystal clear behavioral feedback. This would involve telling her what she should do differently to regain the trust of the customers. This may entail transferring her to another branch to meet new customers (Neil, 80). 3. Make a list of the mistakes Alexander has